Congratulations on your journey toward becoming an RV owner! In our previous article, we emphasized the importance of inspecting an RV before making that significant investment. Now that you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of RV inspections, let’s explore a critical aspect of this process: choosing the right RV inspector.

Why Does the Choice of Inspector Matter?

You might be wondering, “Can’t I just hire any inspector?” Or you might even question the need for hiring an independent RV inspector. The dealer may have even told you they do their own inspection. While it’s tempting to cut corners and save on inspection costs, selecting the right inspector can make all the difference between a successful purchase and one fraught with regrets.

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The Role of an RV Inspector

Before we delve into the selection criteria, let’s understand the role of an independent RV inspector. These professionals are your advocates, dedicated to providing a comprehensive assessment of the RV’s condition. You hire an independent RV inspector, and they work for you. They evaluate everything from the engine and chassis to the interior systems and exterior components, leaving no stone unturned. At the end of the RV inspection, which can last many hours, the independent inspector should provide you with a thoroughly documented report with both pictures and video to give you a clear picture of the current condition of the RV. They should also document any recommendations and provide a checklist you can give to the dealer or The independent RV inspector is there to provide a valuable tool when you are considering making a large financial decision.

What Makes a Great RV Inspector?

Now, let’s discuss some of the qualities and qualifications you should look for in an RV inspector:

  1. Certification and Experience: Any inspector you consider hiring should, at a minimum, be certified as an RV inspector through an organization like the NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association). Additionally, look for an inspector who is also certified as either a registered RV technician or a certified RV technician. Being a certified RV technician simply means they have more training and can perform more in-depth repairs. Additionally, any inspector you consider hiring should continue to obtain education and training from other sources within the RV industry. It is also important to ask how many inspections the inspector has conducted since they were certified and if they have ever conducted an inspection on the type of RV you ae considering.
  2. Thoroughness: Your inspector should be meticulous, leaving no detail unchecked. They should have a comprehensive checklist and be willing to answer your questions. At RV P. I. our reports are commonly over three hundred pages in length and contain over three hundred different pictures and videos. When we ae on-site with the RV the minimum amount of time will be five hours and it can take upwards of ten or twelve hours to inspect an RV, based on the complexity of the systems.
  3. Impartiality: A great inspector remains impartial, focusing solely on the RV’s condition and providing unbiased reports. Remember, you are hiring an inspector to work for you and to be your advocate. They do not work for the dealer.
  4. References and Reviews: Check for references or online reviews to gauge the inspector’s reputation and past clients’ satisfaction.

Additionally, it is important to spend time asking questions of any RV inspector before you hire them. To help we have compiled a list of twenty questions you should consider asking any RV inspector before you hire them. The list may prompt you to ask other questions as well. That is okay. The point is to make sure the RV inspector you are hiring is the right fit to work with you.

Twenty Questions for RV Inspectors


Selecting the right RV inspector is a crucial step in your RV buying journey. They will empower you with the information you need to make an informed decision. In the next article, we’ll dive deeper into understanding RV documentation—a critical aspect of the inspection process. Stay tuned, and remember, a trusted inspector is your ally in achieving the RV adventure of your dreams. When you are ready to purchase your RV contact us to learn how RV P. I. can be your advocate. Happy trails!