New RV Owner Orientation

Have you recently purchased an RV and found the walk through with the dealer overwhelming? Do you need more time to ask questions about the RV’s systems and understand how they operate? Are you new to the RV lifestyle and want to feel more confident when you go on your first RV trip? Do you just need to answer the question about which type of toilet paper to buy or should you leave the grey tanks and black tanks open or closed when you are camping? RV P. I. can help you. We have been there as well. We will take the time to help you understand the systems on your RV. We will walk you through your RV and its systems are your pace We will explain how your RV’s systems work and how to properly hook up all of the systems when you arrive at a campsite. Do you have something else about your RV or the RV lifestyle that you need help with? We will gladly customize an orientation session to fit your needs and unique questions.

Contact us for a two hour orientation session for $150. Need more than two hours? Additional hours can be added at the rate of $50 per hour. Mileage rates may apply depending on location. 417-825-1888 Joplin, Missouri
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