About RV P. I.

The idea for RV P. I. started in 2017, when we moved across the country for a three-year work assignment. We quickly learned housing and living expenses in our new location were costly. It made sense for us to investigate the possibility of purchasing a RV for full time living. That is the decision we made.

We learned buying an RV and having it worked on by the dealer was different from having your vehicle worked on. We had a family member, who also bought a brand-new RV when we did. Unfortunately, they had issues with the refrigerator. When the dealer said bring it in, we thought it would be fixed that day. However, we learned the hard way we just had an appointment to drop it off. What we thought was going to be a quick repair turned out to be a month-long ordeal. Especially, when our family member was living in the RV.

As we talked to other RV owners and became more involved in the RV community, we learned many other people had the same concerns and problems as we did when purchasing an RV. We knew there had to be a better way. So, we decided to learn as much as possible about RV maintenance and repair. These experiences are what have led us to open RV P. I., so we can help both new and seasoned RV owners.

Our Path to Becoming Trained in RV Inspections and Repair

Our quest to learn more led Avery to become a certified Level II RV Inspector through the National RV Inspectors Association. Avery has also become a certified RV Technician through the National RV Training Academy. He has attended courses with several major equipment manufacturers of components used by RV manufactures. He has also received advanced training in RV generators. In the past Avery has served in the United States Navy and has held multiple positions in law enforcement. He brings the same level of commitment, professionalism, and honesty to RV P. I. that he displayed during his many years of service to our country.

Our Pledge to You

Our pledge to you is that we will always be professional and honest with you in all aspects of inspecting your RV. We are committed to helping you feel confident when you purchase an RV.

From time to time, you may see both Avery and our newest technician, who is apprenticing with his dad. If you are ready to work with RV P. I. contact us today.

The RV P. I. Guys are ready to fix your RV

Our Certifications and Training