If You Are Buying a RV, Do You Really Need to Have It Inspected?

Have you considered purchasing a new or used RV? If so, you have probably concluded the internet is full of advice, some good and some, well you get the idea. One such area is the question of should you have an inspection before buying a RV. There are opinions on both sides of the debate.Continue reading “If You Are Buying a RV, Do You Really Need to Have It Inspected?”

Five Tips for Buying an RV

Quarantines and shutdowns have ended in some places. Other areas are seeing a rise in positive tests for COVID_19. However, one thing has recently become evident. RV sales are booming. In our last article I mentioned a conversation with a RV dealer who has seen a sharp increase in their sales. Other RV dealerships areContinue reading “Five Tips for Buying an RV”

How Do I Inspect an RV?

If you are considering purchasing a new or used RV you may have also thought about what happens if you buy a “lemmon,” or a “project.” When you are purchasing a RV take time to thoroughly evaluate its condition, both inside and outside. As a certified RV inspector and certified RV technician I have spentContinue reading “How Do I Inspect an RV?”