Fluid Analysis

Lubricant analysis has been proven to be a highly effective way to see inside of engines and transmissions without taking them apart. When purchasing a new or used recreational vehicle consider having fluid samples analyzed from all fluids. Fluid analysis helps you see any concerns or problems and gives you a baseline for future testing. Oil and coolant analysis provides you with a detailed, yet easy to understand, report. This report covers all test results along with probable causes and solutions. RV P. I. recommends that samples be taken from the engine oil, transmission oil, engine coolant, generator oil and generator coolant to provide an overall picture of the health of the RV.

When hiring RV P. I. to complete a Pre-Purchase Inspection make sure to visit with us about adding fluid analysis. Once we obtain fluid samples they are mailed to an independent laboratory for testing. Results should be received within five to seven days after the samples are received at the laboratory. If you need the results sooner, please discuss this with us so we can add a rush service, which incurs an additional charge. Further, we would be happy to assist with obtaining periodic fluid samples to help maintain your recreational vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of fluid analysis and to add them to your inspection report or as a standalone service.

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