Why Hire RV P. I.?

At RV P. I. we know purchasing a recreational vehicle is a large financial decision, no matter what your budget. The decision to purchase a recreational vehicle is one that requires a lot of information. If you are not working with an independent inspector, no doubt you are missing critical information to make an informed decision. Think about it, would you purchase a house without having an inspection? Probably not. A home inspection would be required as part of the purchasing process. Buying a recreational vehicle should be no different. At RV P. I., we believe in providing you with critical information about the recreational vehicle you are considering.

RV P. I. regularly conducts inspections all over the Midwest. Over the almost four years of inspecting recreational vehicles, we have been a part of over three hundred inspections. We continually attend education and training events to stay updated on the most current manufacturing trends. When you work with us, we use all our education, training, and experiences with previous inspections to provide you with critical information to consider as part of your buying process. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Remove the emotional attachment formed when we believe we have found “the perfect RV.” Becoming emotionally attached to an RV may not allow us to see potential problems with the RV, or we may tend to minimize the problems we do see.
  • Reveal hidden and/or previous damage not readily visible, such as potential water intrusion and damage. Damage from water intrusion can often go undetected, causing considerable damage and very costly repairs.
  • Provide documentation you can use when negotiating the price of the RV with the seller. For example, some buyers have been able to negotiate the cost of replacing tires on a motorcoach.
  • Provided a list of repairs for the dealer to complete before you take possession of the RV. Having things repaired before taking possession can save time and money later. The dealer is more motivated to fix things before you take possession of the RV.
  • Give sellers justification for the price you are asking. Having independent documentation can provide evidence that you have taken great care of your RV and maintained it.
  • Reduce the time your RV is listed for sale as buyers can look at the independent report and have peace of mind knowing they are not buying a “lemon” or “project,” especially when the buyer is not local.

How does an inspection work when you hire RV P. I.?

When you hire RV P. I. we will work for you. We don’t work for the seller or anyone else. When you first contact us, we want to spend time working to understand your needs and how we can best meet them. After speaking with you we will follow up with a written estimate of the inspection costs and any other services we have discussed. We will also work with you to schedule an inspection time and date that is agreeable to all parties. This will be followed with the Points of Inspection and Pre-Purchase Inspection Agreement for you to review. Once you have reviewed these documents, we will require you to return a signed copy to us.

Only when we have received these documents back can we consider the inspection scheduled. Additionally, you will receive an invoice for payment of the inspection fee. On inspection day we will arrive as early as possible at the inspection location. Arriving early allows time to resolve any unforeseen issues and make certain we are not rushed during the inspection. After we have completed the on-site inspection, we will prepare the written report which will be available to download a few hours after the onsite inspection.


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