RVs, or recreational vehicles, have become increasingly popular in recent years as more people embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with traveling on the open road. However, before purchasing an RV, it is essential to ensure you hire the right RV inspector to help you uncover potential hidden flaws or damage that could end up turning your daydream of RVing into a nightmare of expenses and lost time.

In this series of short articles, we would like to present some essential questions RV buyers and sellers should be asking any potential RV inspector. Not all RV inspectors have the same education, education, and training. Not everyone will be a great fit for you. So, just like finding a dealer to work with on the purchase of an RV, it is important to find the right RV inspector to help you through the inspection process.

How long has the RV inspector been certified?

Becoming certified as an RV inspector has become more popular, as people learn about the potential to inspect RVs for profit. It is difficult to know exactly how many certified RV inspectors there are. The National RV Inspectors Association continues to certify people as RV inspectors. Some take the classes for their own knowledge and others never start a business as an independent certified inspector.

When hiring an inspector, it is important to ask how long the inspector has been certified. The longer someone has been certified the more experience they will have. When hiring an inspector, you are not only hiring someone with specialized education and training, but you are also paying for the invaluable knowledge gained through many previous inspections.

At RV P. I. we first became certified as RV inspectors in 2019 and conducted our first RV inspection in 2020. Additionally, we have been full-time inspectors since 2020, having conducted approximately three hundred inspections on all types and classes of RVs. Currently, the only organization certifying RV inspectors is the National RV Inspectors Association. We have been certified RV inspectors through the NRVIA since the very beginning. For the full list of twenty essential questions to ask any RV inspector visit RV P. I. We look forward to hearing from you.

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