Travel Trailer Inspections

What are travel trailers?

We define travel trailers as recreational vehicles that are towed behind a passenger car or truck. Travel trailers come in many assorted sizes and weights. Some of the smallest are tear drop trailers, weighing only a few hundred pounds. Tear drop trailers are often able to be towed behind even small cars and SUVs. Some of the largest travel trailers have numerous slideouts and require larger trucks, capable of towing and stopping these large recreational vehicles. Often travel trailers can be a person’s first exposure to camping. Many used travel trailers are available, should someone not want to invest the money into a new recreational vehicle and decide they do not like camping. Many families choose to buy travel trailers for weekend camping in the summer.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailer inspections

Travel trailers contain features that should be inspected before purchase or before taking delivery of either a used or new travel trailer. While travel trailers may tend to not cost as much as large class A diesel motorhomes, they still represent a significant financial decision. Further, such things as water intrusion can lead to repair costs that exceed the value of the RV.

At RV P. I. we will spend a minimum of five to six hours on site inspecting the recreational vehicle for you. After the onsite inspection you will receive a written report with pictures and videos as appropriate to document the current condition of the recreational vehicle. Additionally, we provide a concise list of observed items and recommendations. This is a convenient way to provide feedback to the dealer/seller as to what needs correction before you take delivery of the RV.

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