Solar Installations

We are dealers of Go Power Solar and Dakota Lithium Batteries. We can work with you to design and install solar systems on your RV. We can install systems if you only need to keep your batteries charged while not using your RV. If you plan to go boondocking or being off grid for extended trips, contact us to discuss options to provide the power you need. If you live in your RV full-time and need the maximum amount of solar, we can work with you to design and install a system for you.

Solar for Contractors, Horse Trailers, and Homeowners

We are not limited to RVs. Are you a contractor and tired of trying to charge all the batteries for your cordless tools? We can help with a solar system for your work trailer. Do you own a horse trailer with living quarters and need to get into remote places, or are you tired of constantly running a generator? Are you a homeowner who has a shed in the backyard and would like to keep the batteries for your cordless tools charged and have a couple of lights in your shed? We can help. Contact us to discuss your options and to discover what would work best for you.

Fifth Wheel RV

Solar for Your RV

As a dealer for Go Power we work with one of the biggest names in RV solar systems. Go Power has solar kits available for those just wanting a little extra power to kits designed for full-timers. We have also partnered with Dakota Lithium. Their lithium-ion batteries provide ample storage for storage, allowing you to spend longer off grid.

Solar for Contractors and Horse Trailers

Are you a contractor who is tired of trying to keep the batteries for your cordless tools charged? Perhaps, you can’t hear yourself over the noise of the generator or your customers are annoyed with the constant noise. Do you own a horse trailer and get tired of running the generator all the time? contact us to discuss the benefits of solar and find out how we can help.

Class A Motorhome Solar Installation

We recently installed four 190 watt Go Power solar panels for a customer, for a total of 760 watts of solar energy. Along with the solar panels we installed a Victron MPPT charge controller, 4 Lithium batteries and a Victron Multi Plus II Charger/Invertor. The customers were looking for the ability to run the new residential refrigerator we previously installed, without having to worry about always being plugged into electricity. The new solar system also gives them the ability to boondock, which they are looking forward to too. On this installation we used the AM Solar Panel Mounts, so the customer can easily remove the panels for cleaning or even tilt them to maximize the amount of solar energy.

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