Providing the most comprehensive RV and luxury coach inspections.

The RV P. I. Difference

The ultimate peace of mind

What keeps you up at night is what we keep in mind. You have enough to deal with when purchasing a recreational vehicle; let RV P. I. take care of the rest.

  • Ultimate Investment: You will receive one of the most comprehensive recreational vehicle inspection reports available.

  • Ultimate training: You will get access to some of the most highly trained and certified inspectors in the nation.

  • Ultimate knowledge: Your inspector has inspected many recreational vehicles and coaches of all sizes and styles. We use our previous experience to provide you with the most comprehensive inspection and report.

The ultimate Information

We know you need accurate and timely information when deciding to purchase a new or used recreational vehicle or luxury coach.

  • Ultimate use of time: Your inspector will spend the time it takes, sometimes upwards of twelve hours or more for large coaches, onsite inspecting your recreational vehicle.

  • Ultimate report: Your report, based on the comprehensive onsite inspection will, on average, exceed two hundred pages and contain between two hundred and four hundred pictures and videos.

  • Ultimate recommendations: As part of your report, you will receive recommendations from your inspector, based on industry standards and observed facts, not just opinions.

The ultimate power

Armed with the information from your report you have the power to make an informed decision. 

  • Ultimate tools: Armed with the information in your report you will be ready to negotiate the best price for the recreational vehicle or negotiate for identified repairs, before taking delivery of the recreational vehicle.

  • Ultimate convenience: Your time is valuable. Our comprehensive inspection is a convenient means of finding the right recreational vehicle. Many past clients have paid for our inspection services through savings on the price of the recreational vehicle or negotiations on repairs.

Experience the

RV P. I. difference

when purchasing your RV or luxury coach